Descended from trees

Descended from trees: before we understood we were Descended from the Tree, for many years we never thought to wonder why we never slept or why we ate under a tree and never inside or why the lines on the palms of our hands were different every single day.

That all changed when I turned nine, my grandfather gathered my brother and I under the story tree.
He told us that neither of us was one person and that neither of us was alive, we were made of voices and words rustled between the ancient trees on thundery nights.

I didnʼt believe nor understand him until he said in his grumpy voice, “Dig a hole and cover yourself in it. Remain in its darkness for a single breath, and when you uncover your head, you will believe”.

That was nine years ago.

They use to call my grandfather a Juju man and as such my friends were never allowed to come and play in our garden. Most of the school kids avoided us, but that didnʼt matter once we became aware of our true selves.

If you came to me all those years ago and said I would no longer remember what my world, excuse me, I mean your world looked like I wouldnʼt believe you. Iʼd probably have that look you have as you read this…as, for now, I smile when one of you billions see me and makes a wish, maybe one day you too will learn who you really are.

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