The help of a sorcerer:

I don’t know why they call him “Bwinxdo” nor do I really know how to pronounce it, but it’s known that he is your last resort. Only when you’ve exhausted all options, do you see him.

Advice to a Friend in Need:

When you’re absolutely sure, take a walk to Dengu market and buy the ugliest pair of shoes that your heart tells you NOT to buy. Offer to pay double the price just to make sure his juju is on your side.

Once you’ve followed those instructions walk to the corner of main and third, there you will see a boy sitting under an umbrella selling shoes. Approach the boy and address him as “Your Highness” and when he looks at you look don’t break eye contact and do not blink, put the ugly pair of shoes on his feet and politely ask him to solve that which troubles you, SPEAK CLEARLY.

The amount of time he listens depends on the interest he has for the boots you’ve put on his feet, so make sure they are interestingly hideous. If he takes the shoes off before you finish your request, he will curse you, and you’ll never recover.

If you finish speaking and he still has the shoes on his feet…go home and wait two days your problem will go away.

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