Ndumiso Sibanda, also known as Omowale, a Yoruba name meaning “the child has come home”, given to him by Nigerian artist and Chief, Madame Nike Okundaye, is a Zimbabwean/ South African Storyteller driven by a passion for people and a life long pursuit of the craft.

His work is driven by his personal intuition to create from the heart and the spirit of his creative force. A multi-talented creative who works with both film and photography to give meaning to projects and is on a journey to discover. He has shot in over 50 countries worldwide and driven through the African continent from Cape Town to London by car.’.. .a story he should tell you himself. “If Africans don’t tell their own stories, then Africa will soon disappear” – Ousmane Sembene


Things i write

The help of a sorcerer:

I don't know why they call him "Bwinxdo" nor do I really know how to pronounce it, but it's known…


Descended from trees

Descended from trees: before we understood we were Descended from the Tree, for many years we never thought to wonder…


My Uncles #Millions : The day before my uncle died he lost his mind.

Our currency had been on its death bed for years, it had gotten so bad that a boy no older…